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I want you know Kim Joon Myun Friday, 12 October 2012 // Friday, October 12, 2012

Anyeong chingu
Our Guardian Angel <33 He looks so young and handsome in this pic. When I first saw him in the History MV (during the first part when they have like 3 seconds of solo frame), I thought he was American. O__O hahaha. Anyway, I like Suho cause I find him really good-looking :) He has soft features which make him look all gentleman-ish :)
                                  *Overall, he’s one of those boy-next-door types which makes my knees go weak*

Sexy face
How can I feel so much ambivalence towards Suho right now. I love and hate him at the same time and do you guys know that ambivalence is abnormal because you can’t feel two contrasting feelings for the same person/event at the same time, omg you are contributing to my neuroticism. I hate you Joonmyun. And Kyungsoo all over my dash isn’t helping much, omg I just cannot with EXO. And lol do not mind my cray.
 Suho! Aw do handsome right?

And the members blowing wind at him, ugh, they're all so precious.


 You're so cute," Yifan says, pinching Suho's cheek :D

let's smile and laugh! Wanna see you 

Suho's eyesmile is so cute!


I also love his smile and laugh too, SO adorable.


I like suho hairstyle :3


Suho and Sehun handsome, Kai sweet, D.O lovely face, Baekhyun cute, Chanyeol cutiess 

You're still cute and handsome!

The responsible, kind and smiley leader of EXO-K.

So this is my bias story. 3 week fall with him, egege :D

Just this time I’ll be really egoistic haha It’s my Suho time! I really hope people will see he’s not only handsome,but kind & talented too!



noona soul

The one you're dying to be ;)
Love me, hate me, I don't care.

Kpop is my new life. You know what i spend about 90% my time talking about KPOP and the other 10% of my time ..... i am praying for someone else to bring it up so i could talk it more. Let me introduce myself yo! ryi imnida as you know that's is my korean name. I'm 15 y/o in Malaysia 16 y/o in korea. { EXO IS MY LIFE BABYZ IS MY SOUL INSPIRIT IN MY MIND } let's spazz together 안녕히 가세요 ^^ ~

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